Friday, June 3, 2011

june 3, 2011

i got an email from one of my temp agencies yesterday. there is a job in andover that my resume was put in for which would start next wednesday. it's for mostly photoshop work and only for two weeks. but the pay will be good and it will help pay for my weekend race at the end of the month, so i hope to hear back from the agency on monday.

on a side note, when boyfriend got home from work today, he noticed that the ashes from the brush fire we had last night to get rid of some of the huge brush and pine needle piles scattered around our lawn was on fire! i had noticed that our porch still smelled like campfire today, but just thought it was lingering from the night before. apparently it had been smoldering all night and day. thank goodness nothing else caught on fire before he put it out again!

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